The Aim

Lifeventure is a high street, outdoor clothing brand. They required a complete refresh for their in-store presence including POS and packaging. The client felt that their current product identity was tired and had lost brand cohesion. Ecobrand conducted in-store research and developed the look and feel for a new packaging and POS style to address these problems. The solution needed to retain the many positives associated with an existing and successful product range. Particular challenges in this project included a large and disparate range of products requiring many packaging types.


The Solution

By producing a vision report and conducting in store research we identified a much broader audience than had been expected. We also identified the difficulties of establishing and enforcing a strong brand presence in often dark and cluttered stores. Our approach was two fold. To address the many audiences and how to deliver a clear, visible and memorable brand presence in store.


The Result

Ecobrand worked with Lifeventure’s internal design team producing five very distinct graphic solutions that reflected elements of the research. These were distilled down until we had a route that delivered on all the key touch points. The final graphic route had a positive impact on the overall brand and ultimately delivered a refined, clean, simple and distinct range of packaging.