The Aim

To re-position ITRI as a solutions business rather than a laboratory based facility. Traditionally ITRI has provided lab services to the international tin industry, finding ways in which tin can be used in modern materials and products. More recently ITRI has focused its attention on three pillars: Tin Markets, Technology and Sustainability. Ecobrand has worked with ITRI in the past several years to move them into this new commercial space as an international brand.


The Solution

The first task was to write, design and produce an annual report that reflected the company’s new direction. This was supported by a ‘Tin for Tomorrow’ publication which highlights the tin markets and where tin has a future. These publications used a mix of info graphics, text and bespoke photography to convey the information. This also had an influence on the identity of ITSCI (The body responsible for due diligence in the tin mining industry). ITRI continues to lead the Tin Supply Chain Initiative (iTSCi) in an effort to solve the ‘conflict mineral’ issue in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Ecobrand produced The iTSCi joint industry trace-ability and due diligence programe published in 2015. Using Infographics this publication illustrated the complicated processes involved in ensuring due diligence is adhered to accross the supply chain.


The Result

The re-positioning of the ITRI brand resulted in a shift in brand perception. The work on these publications helped inform a brand audit ahead of the relaunch of their new website. Ecobrand designed the new website to reflect the new brand direction. ITRI continue to evolve and we have ensured a flexible creative platform to allow for continued growth and development.