The Aim

PQA is a franchised weekend performing arts academy providing tuition for children and young people from 4-18 years. Students spend three hours weekly, rotating through hour-long sessions in Comedy & Drama, Musical Theatre and Film & Television. Students are split into groups according to their age and are taught by specialist teachers. Ecobrand were asked to design a brand identity at the company’s inception. The client company grew rapidly through a series of national advertising and promotional campaigns.


The Solution

Ecobrand were involved at every stage of PQA’s development. From advertising campaigns, learning materials and standard business support literature such as brochures, leaflets, website and a comprehensive brand guidelines required as a bible for all academies. Ecobrand also provided a graphic tool kit that included all support materials to help individual academies maintain a cohesive national brand identity. It is incredibly important that each academy adhere to the brand identity so that the brand does not become diluted and weakened. PQA has steadily grown from one academy to well over one hundred today.


The Result

With the help of the brand identity PQA has grown into a powerful brand presence across the country. The PQA brand reputation has created real value in the brand in terms of trust, reliability, visibility and enhanced consumer engagement.