The Aim

Foster is Europe’s leading commercial refrigeration manufacturer and they pride themselves on both the products they supply and the levels of customer service they provide. When it comes to commercial fridges and freezers, Foster are at the forefront of new technology, pioneering new standards in temperature control, hygiene, efficiency and appearance. The fact is, they are the most popular brand in the UK refrigeration marketplace today. That was not always the case. Foster was very keen to move away from selling ‘silver boxes’ and focus more on delivering a refrigeration solution. Initially Ecobrand provided a brand vision piece that helped them understand their place in the market, develop values, positioning, mission statement and key sales messages.


The Solution

Ecobrand delivered a brand audit which revealed that Foster have been the true innovators in commercial refrigeration ‘often imitated never equaled’. This gave rise to the highly successful ‘Original thinking’ campaign and also identified that to the audience it was all about the food. Foster have a history of firsts, and have always been experts in delivering world class, innovative commercial refrigeration solutions. Their customers demand excellence in delivering the highest quality food at all times, Ecobrand showed customers that with Foster products the client is committed to delivering excellence – time and time again.

The Result

The vision report allowed Ecobrand to develop the Foster brand and deliver materials across all key brand touch points. It moved Foster away from ‘silver boxes’ and allowed them to focus on the magic and theater of the kitchen environment. Ensuring innovative refrigeration solutions that enable kitchens to deliver excellence at all times. We produced the all subsequent marketing literature from product campaigns to exhibitions to reflect these aspirations.