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Ecobrand has been working with Avery Berkel to develop their brand vision.

Avery Berkel has a rich heritage and has always been associated with trust and honesty.
They have worked with the industry since 1731 and understand the changing nature of their markets, constantly evolving to deliver exactly what their customer wants.
Since then their visionary performance has been one of firsts, technical advances and design triumphs.

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Through research, workshops and surveys we were able to better understand the real and enduring value that Avery Berkel has. It is because their products have always given an honest weight that they have a reputation for trust to the point in which consumers would choose a retailer based on whether they had one of their products. With this we were able to create engagement for their many customer sectors, distributors and end consumers.

We developed this theme and produced a brand vision that encompassed the Avery Berkel mission statement, values, positioning statements and strapline.
This now forms the backbone from which all future brand communication hangs delivering a focused 2020 roadmap.

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